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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun, energetic style of street dance that incorporates Popping and Locking techniques, Stepping and the many other forms that have developed "on the streets”. 

This form of dance is made popular by many top 40 artists. Our teachers constantly upgrade their skills in the different techniques available and have amazing imaginations in creating some unique routines.   

Guest teachers are arranged at various times of the year including teachers from Sydney, Melbourne and the US who inspire and teach the latest techniques and styles    

Classes are offered for students aged 5 year of age and up 

Little Gangsta's' Hip Hop - 5 - 8 Years

Junior Hip Hop - 8-10 Years

Pre-Teen Hip Hop - 11 - 13 Years

Teen Hip Hop - 13-16 Years

Sub-Senior Hip Hop - 14-16 Years

Senior Hip Hop - 16+ Years


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