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C.S.T.D Exam Classes

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Jazz Attack is registered with the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing or (C.S.T.D). 

The society is an authoritive examining body, whose high standards are internationally recognised and respected. 

We offer C.S.T.D exams in Modern Jazz, Classical Ballet, Tap and the Jason Winter's Contemporary Syllabus.     

These examinations eventually lead students to a full teaching diploma if they wish to continue along these lines. 

WACE Graduation Points 

Exams can be used from Year 10, 11 and 12 on the Education Departments WACE system and can be recorded on their High School Certificates towards Marks gained.  

 Why Should I Choose A COMDANCE School?

All COMDANCE teachers must meet rigorous standards to become accredited members and examiners are also trained specifically in the 'COMDANCE' way. That is friendly, encouraging, compassionate and professional, COMDANCE teachers can access syllabi to help develop a triple threat performer. 

Why are exams important?

Parents often ask 'why do exams'? They are concerned that exams might lead to pressure on their child. But there are many life lessons and positives that come  from undertaking exams. Exams are a major form of recognition of a universal standard in the dance world. They help students develop confidence and prepare them for some of the more intimidating experiences in life like job interviews, school exams or walking into a crowd of strangers. 

Are exams hard work? 

Exams take commitment, dedication, ambition and hard work over a sustained period and they develop a great deal of self-satisfaction. Most importantly, they encourage resilience, a strong, developmental technique and a sense of achievement.

Modern Jazz Exams

Pre Modern Jazz, Junior Jazz, Grade 1 Jazz to Grade 9 Jazz.

Tap Exams

Foundation Tap, Junior Tap, Grade 1 Tap to Grade 9 Tap 

Classical Ballet Exams

Pre Ballet, Primary Ballet, Grade 1 Ballet to Grade 6 Ballet, Sub Elementary Ballet

Jason Winters Contemporary Exams

Foundation Contemporary, Grade 1 Contemporary to Grade 5 Contemporary 


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