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Jazz Attack are proud to be affiliated with the Acrobatic Arts Program. This program allows our Teacher’s to train and excel in the Acrobatics Style. With the knowledge our Teacher’s gain they are able to pass it on to our Students who take on this knowledge to find themselves excelling. The Acrobatic Arts Program prides itself on delivering safe and effective progressions that allow Students to improve in areas such as Flexibility, Strength, Tumbling, Limbering and Balancing. 

Our coaches are fully accredited and we can extend our students from our Mini Tumblers to our Advanced Acrobatics, giving correct technique to ensure the safe training is ensured in all classes, so progressions are not missed and training is done safely according to students body strength and abilities.   

Classes in the younger grades can be taken individually however as with all sports the more hours trained the greater the skill level and strength increases. The higher levels of Acrobatic's must be taken in conjunction with a Jazz Class so techniques, alignment, flexibility and strength can be incoroporated in training. 

Please note all students progress through levels at their own rate based on their individual body strength and ability, levels are not based on age.

Mini Tumblers 

Students aged 2-3 Years 

A half hour class held in the morning of a weekday for kids that are not yet at kindy. This class is a great introduction to acrobatics, learning shapes and the fundamentals while also having fun on the equipment.

Tiny Tumblers

Students Aged 4-5 Years

A 45 minute class based on the Pre Acro Syllabus from Acrobatic Arts. Students will work on the fundamentals of acrobatics while they work on their progressions, strength, flexibility and balancing. 

Little Flippers

Students Ages 6-8 Years

A one hour class based on the Primary Acro grade from Acrobatic Arts. This class concentrates on the fundamentals of acrobatics, body shapes, balancing, tumbling and flexility to give the dancer an overall to become a great and strong acrobat. 

Level 1 Acrobatics 

Based on Level 1 of acrobatics arts syllabus, aimed at students aged 7 years and above. Students advance to level 2 when they can complete a bend back from standing and recover and teachers feel they have the strength required for level 2.

Level 2 Acrobatics 

Students in level 2 must also undertake a jazz class. Based on the acrobatic arts syllabus, students work on the next level of skills to build their strength and flexibility. 

Level 3 Acrobatics 

Students in level 3 must also undertake a jazz class. Students can progress to level 4 once they have a strong back handspring, side ariel and all tricks from previous levels have been mastered. 

Level 4 Acrobatics

Students in level 4 must also undertake a jazz class. Students will work on the higher levels of the acrobatic arts syllabus. It is strongly encouraged that students also take the tumbling & tricks skills for extra training. 

Tumbling & Tricks

Our tumbling and tricks class is held in Busselton on Saturday afternoons. This class is for students in Level 2 and above. Students spend the hour and 15 minutes working on building their tumbling skills and strength. 


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